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Peoplesoft EnterpriseOne Developer


In 1998 I began working as a JDEdwards OneWorld developer at BSC Prague. In 2002 I was working in bank sector however in 2003 I joined a large JDE project in the UK and since then I have been improving my JDE experience continuously. Nowadays I am a senior JDE/EnterpriseOne developer with over 21 years experience from several projects in the whole Europe.


  • Lafarge Cement, Czech Republic, 1998-2001 - worked as a developer
  • Metrostav, Czech Republic, 2001-2002 - worked as a chief developer, later a small project focused on performance optimizations
  • Czech localizations, 2001 - worked as a team leader, analyst and developer
  • Yazaki Europe, UK, Germany, 2003-2004 - worked as a developer
  • AZD Prague, HVB Bank Prague, Toyoda Czech Republic, 2004 - participated on these small projects in Czech Republic
  • Electrolux, Belgium and Germany, 2005-2006 - worked as a developer, later on focused on performance optimizations
  • RR Donnelley, Poland, 2007 - worked as a developer and analyst
  • Kordarna, Czech Republic, 2007 - worked as a developer
  • UniCredit Bank, Czech Republic, 2007-2008, developer and consultant, focused especially on bank interfaces
  • FanucGE, Luxembourgh, 2007-2008, developer and consultant
  • Elantas Beck, Germany, 2008, developer and consultant, implementation of XML Publisher
  • OMRON, Holland, 2008-2009, roll out for South Africa, developer and consultant
  • Johnson & Johnson, Belgium, 2009-2010, development and quality assurance

Certificates and trainings

  • 1999 - certificate for successfully completing Expedition: Developer Immersion B733, Denver, CO
  • 2000 - software localization training, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2001 - XPIe training, Stokenchurch, Great Britain

Knowledge and abilities

1. Development
I have a very deep knowledge of OneWorld / EnterpriseOne development tools and other related tools (such as the debugger, visual compare and others). I have also acquired a very good understanding of how the data is processed in the system (master business functions, using cache, memory and cursors etc.). I can program OneWorld / EnterpriseOne C/NER business functions or correct standard ones.
2. Technical knowledge
I have good overview of technical tools such as Packaging, OCM (object mapping) and others as well as system architecture. Moreover, I have experience in migration from one version to another.
3. Knowledge of the system
I have very deep knowledge of General Accounting, Vouchers and Invoices and processing of documents in the system. I have also a good knowledge of Distribution module and Fixed Assets. I have extensively used a wide range of standard tables and functions.
4. Performance and optimization
I have a lot of experience with performance improvement of applications, reports and business functions, I am able to analyze generated SQL statements and suggest indexes or changes in SQL statements for better performance. With my knowledge of C I can also optimize the source code of business functions.

Letters of recommendation

Upon request - please send an email to

Developed tools for EnterpriseOne

JdeAnalyzer - simplifies analysis of JDEDEBUG.LOG, provides hierarchy of functions, identifies modified parameters within functions, provides performance information of SQL statements and functions and more, also offers data browsing similar to UTB with more options (special data selection, own sequencing etc).

More information

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (please see contact information below). You can find references in the menu on the left side of this page. For a copy of my resumé in a PDF document, please click here.

Contact information

David Macek
Prague, Czech Republic