JdeAnalyzer - Help

1. Main Form

Main form is the starting point and also the most important part of the application. From the main form you can access form of settings, set debugging on/off, clear jdedebug.log or start optimization and analysis. You can also set the most important parameters here.

The main form contains the following fields and buttons:

2. Additional Settings

In this form you can define additional settings for BSFN and SQLs analysis. These settings will take effect only of corresponding checkbox on the main form is checked (otherwise no information is generated). You can also define settings for other features of the application.

3. Validation of licence

If you decide to buy licences of JdeAnalyzer, you provide a company name and get a licence code. These two values together with proxy settings need to be provided to validate your full version of the application over the Internet. The licence is validated everytime you run the program or keep using the program for a longer period of time.

4. FAQs

Q: My statistics is not complete, some functions / SQL statements are missing
A: Run the analysis for all log without restrictions (fields Max Size, Time from, Text form should be empty)

Q: My statistics displays negative values for times or other nonsence
A: When more then one process runs at the same time (asynchronously) the logging is hard to read not only for a human